Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Started in Change2011

I am participating in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Change 2011 (#change11) through the Georgia Institute of Technology - it's free! I have signed up for more social media sites in one hour than I have in the last two years.  Twitter, Blogger, and Delicious - here I come! My postings will chronicle and share my reflections as I participate in the course. I hope to define goals and ideas related to how Alverno College (where I am an Assistant Professor of Biology), and I personally, can contribute to the change occurring in education. Alverno College has been changing ideas about education since the 1970's when we instituted an ability-based curriculum that relies on student performances and narrative feedback, not grades. We can't rely too much on our past innovations, but must continue to innovate and evolve with society! And that is my goal - to evolve my teaching practice lest I become extinct. That sounds so cliche, but I think it is true.

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  1. Hi - welcome to the #change11 course.

    small suggestion: maybe it's just me, but I always like knowing who I'm interacting with. I couldn't find a profile on your blog (or even your name). You may find it easier to connect with others if you provide a bit of info about yourself. Mind you, you might have reasons for not sharing more. If so, ignore my suggestion (I had a student a few years ago who had very good personal reasons for ensuring her digital footprint was light).

    Anyway, as we progress in the course, you're going to encounter far more tools and far more ideas than you can likely handle. Hopefully, the process won't be too overwhelming. In my first several open courses, I created a bit of an information infrastructure: delicious for tagging, blogs for reflecting, twitter for sharing, and then commenting on the blogs that I find in the Daily. You might find the experience more manageable if you think about what your basic information infrastructure will look like...everything else is for playing :).

    Looking forward to your comments and experiences!